Announcing six student projects with GeomScale in GSoC 2021

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For second time in a row GeomScale has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code program.

GeomScale received 16 student proposals most of them was of high quality. The following 6 have eventually received a slot and become GSoC projects.

  • From DNA Sequences to Metabolic Interactions: building a pipeline to extract key metabolic processes
  • High dimensional Geometric Computations with Least Matrix Inequalities
  • Monte Carlo Integration
  • Parallel Geometric Random Walks with Sparse Numerical Optimizations
  • Counting Linear Extensions
  • Detecting low Volatility anomaly in Stock Market

The topics range from computational applied mathematics to applications in systems biology and finance. We expect that after the end of the program GeomScale’s codebase will be enchanged with useful new features to the benefit of the open-source community.

We are excited and looking forward to working with our students over the next few months. Congratulations to everyone and welcome aboard!